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An undiscovered series from Hugo Pratt. Pratt began this graphic novel about the same time as Corto Maltese, but when Corto took off, Pratt never returned to this series.If you are a fan of pratt's early Corto style, you'll find it here in this series from the early seventies.From the publisher:The Sea of ??Malaysia, 1849, at the western coast of Borneo. On this wild island assailed by the storm, a disturbing character. A feared pirate that the English dream of capturing: His nickname the Tiger of Malaysia, Sandokan.

Soon comes the one he expected, Yanez, a Portuguese, who tells him about a splendid young woman with golden hair based in Labuan, tales of her beauty have spread throughout the region. Galvanized by his friend's story, Sandokan decides to go to sea. Destination Labuan, both to see for himself this mysterious woman and to avenge the whites who murdered his family ...

We knew, through interviews about the existence of Sandokan, created by Pratt at the end of the sixties. It was adapted by writer Mino Milani from a famous novel by the Italian writer Emilio Salgari (1862-1911), a specialist in adventure stories like Jules Verne and Stevenson. But Pratt's story was unfinished and it remained unpublished.

Sandokan suffered due to the sudden success of another strip Pratt had begun to develop at the same time: The Adventures of a Corto Maltese. Suddenly supplanted in the schedule as well as the affection of Pratt, by this unexpected "competitor", the story of the "Malayan tiger" could no longer be powered by the artist as a result of a few planks scattered here and there, before finally being totally abandoned, around 1973, after thirty pages ...

Forgotten in a box over the troubled history of the publishing house who had commissioned its making, Sandokan is finally rediscovered some forty years later.


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