Savage Sword of Conan: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 2 (2019) Jim Starlin Direct Market Variant Cover



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Jim Starlin Direct Market Variant Cover. First Printing.

Collects Savage Sword of Conan #13-28 and Marvel Comics Super Special #2.

Based on the stories and characters created by Robert E. Howard. Introduction by Roy Thomas.

SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, the cornerstone of Marvel's black-and-white magazine line, offered up stories of fiction's most famous barbarian unencumbered by the Comics Code! With the rules of civilized publishing cast off, SAVAGE SWORD presented ferocious, untamed tales the likes of which Conan himself would approve.

Writer Roy Thomas and artistic greats including John Buscema and Neal Adams took full advantage - and the results were a sensation! Multi-part sagas like "The People of the Black Circle" luxuriate in extended tellings, while Buscema's take on "The Tower of the Elephant" explores the nuance of an all-time Robert E. Howard classic. And it's topped off with MARVEL COMICS SUPER SPECIAL #2, a tale of vengeance lavished with fully painted colors!

Includes Illustrations by Tim Conrad, David Ireland, Alicia Austin, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema, Mike Zeck, George Barr, Walter Simonson, Pat Broderick, Frank Thorne, Frank Giacoia, Gene Day, John Allison, Richard Corben, Michael Kaluta, Rudy Nebres, Ernie Chan, Steve Adams, Rick Hoberg, Howard Chaykin, Pablo Marcos, Vicente Alcazar, Jeff Aclin, Roy G. Krenkel, Ed Davis, Dick Giordano, David Wenzel, Robert F. Walters, Ivan Saxby, Clyde Caldwell, and Jeff Easley.

Written by Roy Thomas, Fred Blosser, David Anthony Kraft, Sam Maronie, John CDollier, John Wren, P. Schuyler Miller, John D. Clark, Robert L. Yaple, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Michael Mahoney, James Delson, and Robert E. Howard.

Art by John Buscema, Gil Kane, Frank Brunner, Michael Netzer, Steve Leialoha, Barry Windsor-Smith, Greg Hildebrandt, Tim Hildebrandt, Rick Hoberg, Dick Giordano, Ralph Reese, Dan Adkins, Neal Adams, Al Gordon, Tim Conrad, Tony Dezuniga, Sonny Trinidad, and Alfredo Alcala.


John Buscema, Gil Kane, Barry Windsor-Smith, Alfredo Alcala, et al
Roy Thomas, et al

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Very Fine in Very Fine dustjacket


Buscema, Gil Kane, Barry Windsor-Smith, Alfredo Alcala, et al
Thomas, et al

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New York
Marvel Comics

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11.2 inches
7.4 inches
944 pages
color and black & white
pictorial boards