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Andrea Serio is a Spanish artist, illustrator and cartoonist, working primarily in pastel. He has created numerous covers for magazines, books, music albums, and posters.

This 200-page, full color art book contains over 300 pieces in seven chapters covering Plein Air, Moleskine Drawings, excerpts from Comics (published and in-progress), Covers and Posters, and the themes Clouds, Tributes, and Music.

With a one page Preface published in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Beautiful works throughout. Never before collected. Almost entirely unseen in the U.S.

About the artist:

Andrea Serio was born in Carrara in 1973.

Oscillating illustrator, obsessive pastelist, cartoonist, pyromaniac, creator of wonderful record covers, Tarot card aficionado, billboard creator, painter, music, movie and literature buff from the very beginning (not necessarily in that order and preferably not separated), his attitude towards computers is hostile, and he types on keyboards with one finger, like François Truffaut.

His drawings have been featured in exhibitions like the Turin Book Fair, the Babel International Festival in Athens, TorinoComics, as well as the Lugocontemporaneo music and avant-garde contemporary artist festival.

He has worked as a professor at the International School of Comic Books in Turin and Florence since 2012. He is currently working on his second graphic comic book and his first children's book.

2 different covers are available for this book.


Andrea Serio

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket



Publishing Information

Spaceman Project

Physical Description

11.75 inches
8.9 inches
200 pages
over 300 color illustrations
pictorial boards

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