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From the artist:

This annual color sketchbook shows the birth of the most popular covers and illustrations that were produced during the latest season. It reveals the "behind the curtains" sketches, pencils and work-in-progress pieces before they were published. The sketchbook is 9.4" x 6.5" 40 pages, and each copy is signed.

About the artist:

Simone is an Italian comic book illustrator, painter, graphic designer and art instructor, known to Italian audiences for his work in comics, CD covers, music videos, TV commercials and role-playing games. His first American comic book work was for DC comics such as Detective Comics and Green Lantern. In 2006, Simone signed an Exclusive Contract with Marvel and has had runs on Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men, and Thanos Rising. Bianchi's style is distinguished by his use of ink wash, or watercolor halftones, in rendering his work, a non-traditional technique by mainstream American standards.


Simone Bianchi

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Limited to 700 numbered copies signed by the artist



Publishing Information


Physical Description

9.5 inches
6.5 inches
40 pages
color illustrations

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