Streamliner, Vol. 1: Bye-Bye Lisa Dora



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Michel Valliant meets Fast and Furious. Don't think too hard and you will enjoy this breezy graphic novel from France. This is part one of two.

'Fane's artwork will remind you of Vatine in his angular character design and strong compositions. 

From the publisher:

An abandoned stretch of road in the middle of the desert, a rusty old gas station, and a plume of dust rising in the distance... When Billy Joe steps onto old Evel O'Neil's property, trouble follows close behind: misfits, criminals, cops, and media, all of them in search of freedom, justice, and glory... But only the fastest one among them will get it... A high-speed rock-n-roll blockbuster full of fast cars, mysteries, questionable antiheroes, and a whole lot of action.

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Condition & Attributes

Very Fine, issued without dustjacket



Publishing Information

St. Louis, MO
Magnetic Press / Lion Forge

Physical Description

11.2 inches
8.75 inches
160 pages
pictorial boards

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