The Amazing World of DC Comics #1



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The official DC fanzine, published by DC, and only available through mail order.

Amazing World of DC Comics was a regrettably short-lived (17 issues) magazine that published interviews, previously unpublished stories, humorous pieces, articles on DC super-heroes, and other DC-centric items of interest. Contributors included such luminaries as Mike Gold, Paul Levitz, E. Nelson Bridwell, and Bob Rozakis.

This first issue includes the following: an interview with Joe Kubert, a piece on the Wonder Woman TV movie, Sol Harrison on the beginnings of DC Comics, Bob Rozakis on letter writers, a retrospective by E. Nelson Bridwell, a previously unpublished story called "Murder, Inc." by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer (created for the unpublished In the Days of the Mob #2), How a Comic Book is Created by Paul Levitz, a retrospective on the Fleischer Superman cartoons and more. Cover by Carmine Infantino, back cover of Hawkman by Joe Kubert. An unpublished Shadow cover by Michael Kaluta is the centerfold. Cartoons by Sergio Aragones.


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Near Fine (light rubbing to the corners, mild toning to the edges, light cover wear, very flat, tight, clean)

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New York
National Periodical Publications

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11 inches
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52 pages
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