The Art of District 9: Weta Workshop - 1st with a Signed Bookplate



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A true first edition from New Zealand! Included is an illustrated bookplate/stencil signed by five WETA designers:

  • Greg Broadmore (Lead Concept Designer)
  • Daniel Falconer (also the author of the book)
  • Leri Greer
  • David Meng (Lead Creature Designer)
  • Christian Pearce

The bookplate is a stencil for spray painting/tagging "Property of MNU 03157 RSA AUTH: GAUTENG PROV."

From the publisher:

The Art Of District 9 gives fans a behind-the-scenes tour through the most visually and technologically stunning film of the past decade. Written by Weta Works insider Daniel Falconer--a special effects wizard who worked on The Lord of the Rings and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe--The Art Of District 9 will answer the question everyone has been asking since the movie's 2009 release: How did they do it?

In 2009 Weta Workshop created a world so uncannily realistic that the special effects (in addition to an undeniably poignant plot) helped a low-budget film with an unknown cast become a blockbuster hit. Movie-goes, bloggers, and critics could not stop talking about Neill Blomkamp's first feature film, District 9, the newest alien movie that has raised the bar for science fiction thrillers in the new century.

Weta Workshop's artists created the special make-up effects, physical characteristics, alien weaponry, props, armor, custom vehicles and spaceships that were all stylized in a foreign yet familiar graphic language that defined the film's distinctive alien aesthetic. This book illuminates the creative design process, detailing two years of interaction between Weta's artists and director Neill Blomkamp in the form of hundreds of images of concept art from both the designers and director, stunning photographs of the props and sculptures, and insightful remarks from the artists themselves. Many of the images included in this book have never been seen before, including work cut or barely glimpsed in the finished film. Written by designer Daniel Falconer with a foreword by Neill Blomkamp and introduction by Richard Taylor (multi Academy Award winning special effects and make-up artist and head of Weta), The Art of District 9 offers an unrivalled, front row glimpse into the creative minds and hands that shaped this amazing film.


Weta Workshop
Daniel Falconer

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Very Fine in Fine dustjacket
an illustrated bookplate signed by five WETA designers is laid in


Weta Workshop

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HarperCollinsPublishers (New Zealand) Limited

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