The Art of Godmachine - Signed Three Times including Kickstarter Exclusives



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This copy from the Kickstarter campaign is signed by the artist and includes these exclusive extras:

  • Two signed A4 size (8.25 x 11.75) color prints
  • One 3.9 x 8.25 double-sided color print
  • Two double-sided color postcard prints
  • Eight different Godmachine stickers

Unfortunately, as with many Kickstarter books, this copy suffered damage in shipping. The upper corners are badly bumped, with the board peeking thru one corner, and the tips of the pages lightly bent at that corner, otherwise the book is very attractive, new and seemingly unread.

From the publisher:

A luxury hard back book showcasing the truly amazing art of GODMACHINE including never seen before images.

A true original who bleeds passion with every stroke. Godmachine is a powerhouse. This lavishly produced art book is the first ever collection of the unique and ground breaking art of one of the UK's leading cult artists. Twisted Dark fantasy, Modern Heavy Metal, New School Tattoo, Horror... Godmachine has blazed the trail and although many artists have followed his path Godmachine is the original and he remains unique, his illustrative style stands alone... he is simply the best at what he does. The book showcases many of his best art pieces, sketches and through many quotes taken from interviews the book gives insight into the mind and humour of the artist himself. In 'The Art of Godmachine' you will see an artist who is at the peak of his powers and who is revered by his contemporaries. This book will inspire you and its power will stay with you.

Godmachine is an illustrator based out of Wales, with some seriously nasty skills. Growing up and working as an electrician and bricklayer as a young lad, it was skateboard graphics through which he rekindled his connection to art. Influenced by artists such as Horsebites, Giger, Aubery Beardsley, Klimt, Richard James, Calvin and Hobbes and anyone who drew for 2000AD during the 90s, it's probobly fair to say that he does a bit of influencing himself these days. As a freelance artist, Godmachine's art graces skateboards and band merchandise such as t-shirts, album covers and posters.

Godmachine was born in Cardiff, South Wales, it was a difficult birth; his parents were in London at the time. He grew up on a steady diet of nothing, 2000AD comics and Santa Cruz skateboards. His art is born of Jim Philips, raised by Simon Bisley and adopted by his everyday influences; film, literature and music. He uses a wacom, Photoshop and coffee to achieve his detailed images that have made quite an impact on band merch, skateboards and clothing companies today. He owns two cats: Bear and Miss Boo Boo Kitty Fuck II and has a worrying amount of coffee mugs with cats on them. Although a vegetarian and a devout anti-theist he collects animal skulls, animal horns and crucifixs along with old discarded black and white photos.



Condition & Attributes

Very Good+ in Near Fine dustjacket (upper corners badly bumped, board peeking thru one corner, and the tips of the pages lightly bent at that corner, otherwise the book is Very Fine, new and seemingly unread)
Signed by the artist



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Flood Gallery

Physical Description

13.5 inches
11.5 inches
240 pages
color and black & white illustrations