The Art of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole



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Self-published by Animal Logic, a lavish art book devoted to the design, visual development, and rendering of the animated fantasy film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.

From the publisher:

Developed and produced over 3 years at Animal Logic's studios in Sydney, Australia, a team of 500+ artists, technicians and support staff designed, developed and executed one of the most ambitious and visually rich animated films of our time. Concieved from the get-go in 3D stereoscopic, every detail from the diverse range of owl species with detailed feathers and expressive eyes, to epic landscapes and complex environments, and ground breaking visual effects and lighting were carefully crafted to ensure the audience would be transported to the world of Ga'Hoole and feel as though they are flying with Soren and his band of brave owls.

Animal Logic's team of artists designed, created and animated 15 unique species of owls as well as many other forest animals and creatures such as snakes, crows, bats, centipedes, bees, beetles, bugs, moths, a hermit crab, a Tasmanian Devil, and of course, an echidna.

The book features hundreds of illustrations covering the Character Design, Environments, Armor & Weapons, and the entire Lighting Script.

The text is composed entirely of the artists' commentary and reveals their thought process at every step!

Forewords by:

Production Designer Simon Whiteley
Art Director Grant Freckelton
Director Zack Snyder
Author Kathryn Lasky

The following artists are included in the book:

Adam Murphy, Anthony Waters, Brad Greenwood, Cécile Dubois-Herry, Chris Georgiou, Charles Santoso, Daniel Bayona, Dudley Birch, David Woodland, Don Ezard, Dan Hee Ryu, Dale Mackie, Evan Shipard, Felicity Coonan, Grant Freckelton, Hovig Alahaidoyan, Kelly Baigent, Michael Halford, Marco Nero, Marc Wasik, Nathan Hughes, Nicole Mather, Patrick Awa, Pierre Lorenzi, Robert Mason, Simon Ashton, Simon Whiteley, Tim Pyman, Vivienne To, Warren Mahy, Yuko Takeshita


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Animal Logic

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160 pages
over 500 color illustrations
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