The Art of Oscar Martin: Solo Cannibal Universe



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Over 120 illustrations of Oscar Martin's Solo characters and world. Four pages of text in English, Spanish, and French.

From the artist/publisher:

I drew SOLO for the first time in 1997. Since then I have written and drawn numerous stories of this character and his particular universe. SOLO is a post apocalyptic series. In this devastated universe there are no resources and the only way to survive is to eat other living beings. And considering that almost everyone is armed and everyone is hungry, the encounters are inevitably bloody Thus we can read in one episode: "We are not heroes or cowards, neither victims nor executioners, only souls who will never know why they exist. We are only flesh that kills to live, we are meat that dies to give life ".

SOLO is currently, translated into nine languages. Over the years, many new illustrations have been created for the covers of the books published in different countries, They have never been collected. Until now.

In this book we can see: covers, back covers, book illustrations, commissions, illustrations made for fun, and sketches, studies and visual development. All this work complements, enriches and shows us a catalog of unimaginable characters and creatures that add to the hundreds of pages drawn to give life to SOLO and make us understand the "Cannibal Universe". 


Oscar Martin

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket



Publishing Information

Ominiky Ediciones

Physical Description

13.2 inches
9.7 inches
96 pages
color and black & white illustrations
pictorial boards

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