The Art of Richard Thompson - Signed by co-author Nick Galifianakis



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A first printing signed by co-author and fellow cartoonist Nick Galifianakis who spearheaded this incredible book about his longtime friend. 

From the publisher:

Known for being the creator of the comic strip Cul de Sac, Richard Thompson's art prowess extends to many other levels.

Richard Thompson is renowned among cartoonists as an "artist's" cartoonist. Little known to all but those close to him is the extent of his art talent. This is the book that will enlighten the rest of us and delight us with the sheer beauty of his work.

Divided into six sections, each beginning with an introductory conversation between Thompson and six well-known peers, including Bill Watterson, the book will present Thompson's illustration work, caricatures, and his creation, Richard's Poor Almanack. Each section is highly illustrated, many works in color, most of them large and printed one-to-a-page. The diversity of work will help cast a wider net, well beyond Cul de Sac fans.


Richard Thompson
Bill Watterson, Nick Galifianakis, Chris Sparks, David Apatoff, Michael Rhode

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine/Very Fine



Publishing Information

Kansas City, MO
Andrews McMeel

Physical Description

11.5 inches
9.25 inches
224 pages
color and black & white illustrations

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