The Big Empty Life of Alphose Tabouret



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A beautifully illustrated bande dessinee now in English.

An innovative design (a mix of comics and illustrated books) with delightful drawings of a small boy who is born in the forest and must learn about the world around him. The adventures he has with the people and creatures he meets earned this book the Meilleur album jeunesse aux [dBD] (Best Comic for Children) Award in 2011.

From the publisher:

Alphonse Tabouret was born on a stump in the woods and immediately had a million questions for his maker, who, frustrated by the questions, left him to figure things out for himself. So he sets off on a fantastical journey of self-discovery, pondering Life, Loss, Friendship, Loneliness, and Love with every creature he meets.

In the middle of a quiet, not-so-special clearing in the woods, a wee tiny whatsit wakes up without any memory at all. So he sets off in search of his maker, as well as some sense of purpose in Life. Along the way, he encounters a bizarre cast of silly, helpful, and oddly poignant characters who teach him how to survive this crazy game called Existence.

The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret is an existential fairy tale about Life, Love, Loss, and the search for answers to questions we all ask nobody in particular. While cute and silly on the surface, almost every encounter is metaphorical (without being heavy-handedly so). This adorably engaging and heartwarming tale invites the reader to decipher the life lessons gleaned by Alphonse in personal terms that speak to today's social conditions. Through the innocent lens of simple, cute characterization, readers are presented with honest questions about parenting, materialism, addiction, codependency, narcissism, depression, and the search for meaning that we all undergo every day.


Jerome d'Aviau
Sibylline, Capucine

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Sibylline, Capucine

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Magnetic Press / Lion Forge

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9.25 inches
6.25 inches
192 pages
black & white
pictorial boards