The Blueberry Saga: Confederate Gold



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Out of print. The highlight of this book is the first and only English-language printing of "Three Black Birds", a short Blueberry story written and illustrated in black & white by Moebius, originally published as a signed & numbered 28-plate portfolio. Reproduction of this story is excellent.

This book also reprints five albums in black & white: Chihuahua Pearl (46 pages), The Half-a-Million Dollar Man (46 pages), Ballad for a Coffin (62 pages), The Outlaw (44 pages), and Angel Face (46 pages).

The book also includes the essential Charlier essay, "The Life and Times of Lieutenant Blueberry", which lays out the character's entire life story (with extra illustrations).

With an Introduction by Western novelist Elmer Kelton.

From the publisher:

Blueberry. A mysterious soldier of fortune whose trail can be followed through the history of the American West, a figure who appeared to have been involved in some of the most dramatic events in American history, but who always remained behind the scenes.

The West is rife with legends and tall tales of men. The casual researcher will be able to locate only a few, incomplete stories about the man named Blueberry. No pulps were written about him, no serials were made about his exploits and, until recently, his very existence had sunk into an obscurity that he would have most likely welcomed.

The definitive American reprints of the classic French western. This volume will contain a history of Blueberry by Jean-Michel Charlier and Jean-Marc Lofficier, reprints of Blueberry #'s (Epic) 1,2, and part of #3, and the first English language printing of "Three Black Birds", a Moebius written and illustrated Blueberry adventure. Introduction by Elmer Kelton.

Inspiring compositions, amazing brushwork and great characters create a mythical Western dreamscape that should have been.

What Sergio Leone (Fistful of Dollars) did for the Western film, the team of Charlier and Moebius have done in the medium of comics. Blueberry is a classic, its storyline entertaining and artwork stupendous.


Moebius (Jean Giraud)
Jean-Michel Charlier

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Moebius (Jean Giraud)

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