The Clouds Above - Inscribed with a Drawing



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Signed and dated by the artist with a drawing of a pigeon and the sentiment "may all the clouds you meet be sweet." and "Jordan Crane 10 June 2006". Opposite, on the front endpaper, is an illustrated "This book belongs to:" and Jordan has added a beautiful calligraphic "Sophia".

The Publisher's Weekly review:

Crane has made his reputation with subtle, heart-tuggingly depressive comics like The Last Lonely Saturday and Keeping Two , so his new project is a delightful surprise: a rip-roaring adventure about a kid named Simon, who skips school one day with his cat, Jack, and climbs a magic staircase leading skyward. There, they encounter a sad cloud named Perch and get mixed up in a conflict involving him, some nasty storm clouds and an irritable flock of birds. Crane's story piles absurdity on delicious absurdity, operating with the peculiarly linear logic of children's storytelling. Everything's exciting, even if it doesn't make much sense, and the dialogue is witty and bubbly ("Don't say fall when we're up so high," Jack tells Simon. "Say autumn"). Crane has a sense of all of his characters' body language--Jack may talk, but his motion and expressions are totally catlike, and the shifting expressions and indistinct, grasping limbs of the clouds are exactly what clouds would look like if they had body parts. The book is a joy to look at--Crane's loose, gliding lines burst with character, and his compositional gifts make every panel worth contemplating on its own.


Jordan Crane

Condition & Attributes

Fine, issued without dustjacket
Inscribed by the artist with a drawing



Publishing Information

Fantagraphics Books
2nd December 2005

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6.25 inches
6.75 inches
280 pages
pictorial boards