The Collected Purple Pictography



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Collects all nine three-page Purple Pictography strips for Swank magazine (1971-1972). Including all five by Berni Wrightson.

From the introduction:

In 1969, Vaughn Bode's Deadbone began in Cavalier, a popular Playboy imitator. It was so successful that Bode took on another men's magazine strip for Swank. The new strip, Purple Pictography, began in the August 1971 issue, and each month's story was a three-page fantasy featuring the patented Bode Broads, possibly the sexiest cartoon characters ever created. The load of doing this project along with the other projects led Bode to approach his friend Berni Wrightson about illustrating Bode's scripts. Wrightson, though happy for the chance to work with Bode, wasn't totally comfortable with the work. Bode said, "Berni nearly ODed on the 'tits and ass' cartoons; he couldn't stand it and wanted to go back to comic work, The Swamp Thing." However, because of the subject matter and the full-color painted technique, Wrightson's Purple Pictography strips are a rare treat for any Wrightson fan.

Collects: Bort Dink, White Slaver; Maxus Gorki and the Tit Bees; The Rubber Raft; Munchmo Coming; Cloud Rape; Water Job; The Monster's Thing; Titus and Pubius; and The Fanny Nappers.

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Vaughn Bode, Berni Wrightson

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Bode, Berni Wrightson

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