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We carried the French editions published by our pals at Galerie Daniel Maghen back in the day: l'Univers des Dragons, Premiers Feux (2007) and l'Univers des Dragons, Deuxieme Souffle (2008). Now, years later, the books are available in a single volume in English.

From the publisher:

Dragons. They reign above the eternal snows or in the depths of the abyss... They are marvelous, magical, malicious creatures... But, where do these winged creatures with sparkling scales and fearsome claws come from?

This collection of illustrations on the theme of dragons brings together the best illustrators and comic book authors from around the world: French, English, Danish, Spanish, Italian, American, Canadian... From John Howe, designer of The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia, to Todd Lockwood, illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons, and Olivier Ledroit, creator of the Chronicles of the Black Moon and Adrian Smith, one of the authors of Warhammer, and more... They've pooled their talents in a Tolkien-style universe where dragons coexist or fight Dwarves, Orcs, Elves and Humans...

The result is this illustrated encyclopedia, which combines extraordinary texts on the history of dragons, with drawings of remarkable quality, realism of line and thoroughness of detail.

With an international roster of illustrators, including:

Alex Alice, Andreas, Elian Black'Mor, Paul Bonner (2), Mikael Bourgoin, Philippe Bouveret (2), Alexi Briclot, Greg Broadmore, Bruno Brucero, Emmanuel Civiello (2), Cromwell, Paul Dainton (2), Peter de Seve, Tony Ditterlizzi, Vincent Dutrait, Bob Eggleton (2), Enrique Fernandez, Erle Ferroniere (2), Rene Follet, Aleksa Gajic, Bruno Gentile, Donato Giancola, Guillermo Gonzales, Didier Graffet, John Howe, Paul Kidby, Tom Kidd (2), Karl Kopinski (2), Stefan Kopinski, Etienne Le Roux, Olivier Ledroit (2), Jerôme Lereculey (2), Todd Lockwood (2),Yoann Lossel, Larry MacDougall, Robert MacKenzie, Warren Mahy, Angus McBride, Martin McKenna, Pascal Moguerou, Jean-Baptiste Monge (2), Aymard Mougani, Franco Pilotta, Severine Pineaux, Omar Rayyan, Roberto Ricci (2), Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, Thierry Segur, Paul Sibbering, Adrian Smith (2), William Stout, Raymond Swanland, Justin Sweet, Yann Tisseron, Paul Tobin, Philippe Henri Turin, Christophe Vacher, Vink, Ashley Wood (2), and Dean Yeagle.


Olivier Souillé, Laurent Souillé

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket


Souillé, Laurent Souillé

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Portland, OR

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12.25 inches
9.5 inches
198 pages
color and black & white illustrations throughout
pictorial boards

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