The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration, Vol. 2 - Special Edition



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Limited to just 100 copies, this edition features a full-color bookplate signed and numbered by Daniel Zimmer, and is presented in a matching slipcase.

A big beautiful must-have book showcasing 218 artworks from the Golden Age of Illustration, circa 1880-1950.

From the publisher:

This new book continues where Volume 1 (now sold out) leaves off, lavishly presenting the work of 211 artists with 218 full page reproductions of original paintings all photographed directly from the original art. A stunning PICTURE book, filled with eye-popping visuals.

Abbey, Abbott, Abbett, Adams, Alajalov, R. L. Anderson, H. Anderson, H.N. Anderson, Armstrong, Avery, Aylward, Bacharach, Balet, Bama, Barclay, Barton, Baumhofer, Becher, Beckhoff, Belarski, Benda, Bergey, Bernard, Betts, Biggs, Blakeslee, Bolles, Bowler, Brangwyn, Bransom, Briggs, Brown, Brunner, Buell, Bull, Burd, Burns, Burrows, Cady, Carter, Chambers, Chapman, Choate, Christy, Clark, Clinedinst, Coffin, Coll, Conway, Coolidge, Cornwell, Cox, Crandell, Crockwell, Davis, De Mers, Desoto, Dixon, Dodd, Dohanos, Dorne, Downes, Drew, Driben, Dryden, Dulac, Dumond, Dunton, Durenceau, Eastman, Eggenhofer, Eggleston, Ekman, Elliott, Emerson, Emshwiller, Eric, Everett, Falter, Fawcett, Feind, Fischer, Fish, Fisher, Flagg, Foster, Gage, Gannam, Gaze, Georgi, Giguere, Gilbert, Gillespie, Gleason, Gleeson, Goble, Godwin, Gold, Graef, Grant, Granville-Smith, Gross, Grosvenor, Hampson, Hanson, Harper, Hastings, Heinrich, Heitland, Held, Hilbert, Higgins, Hoff, Hohlwein, Holmgren, Hood, Hoskins, Howitt, Hughes, Humphrey, Hunt, Hunter, Hyde, Iligan, Irwin, Jackson, Jacobs, Johnson, Jones, Keay, Kernan, Kinneys, Koerner, Krieghoff, Lagatta, Lathrop, Leake, Lepape, Parker, Leyendecker, Link, Louderback, Lovell, Lowell, Lowenheim, Lyford, Madan, Maguire, Martin, Maurer, McCauley, McDermott, Meltzoff, Merrick, Meyers, Michelson, Moore, Moran, Morey, Mozert, Mulford, Munson, Nickless, Nielsen, Nosek, Oakley, Pape, Parker, Parkhurst, Parrish, Paul, Paus, Pease, Philips, Plank, Pogany, Powers, Price, Pyle, Ratterman, Relyea, Ruesswig, Robinson, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rozen, Sambrook, Sarka, Saunders, Schomburg, Schoonover, Schabelitz, Scott, Smith, Stephens, Weber, Wilson, Wyeth, and Zuckerberg.


Dan Zimmer

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Very Fine in Very Fine dustjacket in Fine slipcase
#79 of 100 copies signed by the author



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St. Louis
Illustrated Press

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12.25 inches
9.25 inches
224 pages
218 color illustrations
pictorial boards