The Great American Pin-Up - Oversize Hardcover



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A comprehensive study of the genre 1920-1980 with artist biographies and examples. An early printing identified by the full cloth covers. Out of print in this oversize edition almost twice the page size of the reprint edition.

Contents: Authors' Notes / Pin-Up Art: A historical commentary / The 'Fine', Art of illustration / The Great American Pin-Up / Pin-Up Artists 1920 - 1980: Vaughan Alden Bass, Arnold Armitage, Rolf Armstrong, Joyce Ballantyne, McCelland Barclay, Ben-Hur Baz, Earle K. Bergey, Roy Best, Enoch Bolles, Harry C. Bradley, Al Brule, Al Buell, Eddie Chan, Ernest Chiriaka, Henry Clive, Forest Clough, Howard Connolly, Bradshaw Crandell, Edward D'Ancona, Ruth Deckard, Joe DeMers, Billy DeVorss, Peter Driben, Edward M. Egglestone, Harry Ekman, Freeman Elliot, Gil Elvgren, Merlin Enabnit, Jules Erbit, Art Frahm, Pearl Frush, Q. Wilson Hammell, Magel Rollins Harris, Cardwell S. Higgins, Hy Hintermeister, Arnold Kohn, Mike Ludlow, Earl Mac Pherson, Bill Medcalf, M. Miller, Frederik Mizen, Al Moore, Earl Moran, Zoe Mozert, K. O. Munson, Mayo Olmstead, Walt Otto, Laurette & Irene Patten, George Petty, Jay Scott Pike, Gene Pressler, George Quintana, Bill Randall, Edward Runci, Arthur Samoff, Mauro Scali, Lou Shabner, Charles Gates Sheldon, John Shilling/Jack Whittrup, Showalter, Robert Skemp, Francis Smilby, J. Frederick Smith, William Fulton Soare, Haddon Sundblom, T. N. Thompson, Si Vanderlaun, Alberto Vargas, Fritz Willis, Ted Withers / Index of Artists.


Charles G. Martignette, Louis Meisel

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Near Fine in Good dustjacket (spine slanted, red dot on bottome edge, dustjacket worn and torn)


Charles G.
Martignette, Louis Meisel

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Koln, Germany

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12.7 inches
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380 pages
over 900 color illustrations