The Illustrator in America 1860-2000

The Illustrator in America 1860-2000 (Signed by Walt Reed)



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Signed by the author Walt Reed. The latest revised edition expanded to cover four additional decades. This edition features entries for 647 artists and entirely new illustrations. The number one reference book in any illustration library.

From the publisher:

A comprehensive visual reference work detailing the fascinating history of modern American illustration, The Illustrator in America covers 140 years and over 450 artists. Walt Reed, a respected historian, has done a masterful job of selecting the most important and appropriate works to represent each artist in this remarkable guide.

The book, which is organized chronologically, begins with a timeline presenting the various influences of styles, schools, and "isms" over the course of the entire period covered-1860-2000. Each chapter is devoted to a single decade, and opens with introductory commentary on the general history and artistic trends of the period; this is followed by individual entries on the lives and work of the outstanding artists of the decade.

Packed with color illustrations and clearly presented information, this invaluable reference deserves a place in the library of anyone interested in understanding the history of modern illustration in the United States.

  • Most comprehensive reference guide available detailing the history of modern American Illustration
  • Covers the work and life of more than 450 great American illustrators
  • Beautifully photographed and designed
  • includes visual studies of over 450 premier artists, including 
    • John Wolcott Adams
    • Harold Anderson
    • Vernon Howe Bailey
    • John Collier
    • Joe DeMers
    • Frank Vincent DuMond
    • Robert Fawcett
    • Gervasio Gallardo
    • Theodore Geisel
    • Charlotte Harding
    • Maud Humphrey
    • Rockwell Kent
    • Louis Loeb
    • Louise Patterson Marsh
    • Maxfield Parrish 
    • Chris Payne
    • Norman Rockwell
    • Nancy Stahl
    • Ross Barron Storey
    • Leslie Thrasher
    • Alberto Vargas
    • Jack W. Welch


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