The Kong Crew, Episode 5



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Episode 5: "Upper Beast Side"!

From the publisher:

At last, here comes the 5th volume of Kong Crew and the adventure goes on!

It looks like Betty's efforts to raise money and save Spit the dachshund will finally pay off. Meanwhile, Virgil is still unconscious and held captive by the Amazons, while Jonas and Irvin try to unlock the secret of dinosaur mutations on the rooftops of Manhattan Jungle...

What if Kong won the battle?

Eric Herenguel is flying you to a whole new world, please fasten your seatbelts!

Here we are in 1947, 14 years after the victory of Kong. Manhattan has been evacuated and the island has become a no-go zone, closely watched over by the Kong Crew!

These are the adventures of this elite squadron.

About the author:

Born in France in 1966, Eric Herenguel is a comic artist well known by the European public.

He created several comic book series, such as Krän, Trelawnay, or Lune d'Argent sur Providence. As comfortable in the "science fiction western" universe as he's in the steampunk universes, as good with off-the-wall humor as he's with heroic fantasy, he also worked on various TV cartoons for children, such as Wakfu, for Ankama studios.

A huge fan of Dave Stevens, Milton Caniff, Frank Robbins, Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Will Eisner and (of course!) Mark Schultz, Eric Hérenguel wants, through The Kong Crew, to pay homage to the American artists of the golden age that inspired him ever since he was a kid.


Éric Hérenguel

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Buhl, France
Editions Caurette

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10.25 inches
6.9 inches
36 pages
black & white
color wraps

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