The Spirit of Sports Portfolio - Signed & Numbered



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A suite of six limited edition lithographs by Robert Peak.

Each lithograph is 27 X 36 inches with an image size of 22 X 32 inches.

With a very low number: number 10 of 300.

And each lithograph is individually signed & numbered.

From the publisher:

Each print is a sixteen to nineteen color lithograph on papier d'Arches, pencil signed by the artist and the athlete.
The edition is limited to 300 numbered impressions and 50 numbered artist proofs.
The edition was pulled at Atelier Ettinger in New York during 1983.
Each example carries the embossed seal of Atelier Ettinger.

The Athletes: Joe DiMaggio, Wilt Chamberlain, Frank Gifford, Chris Evert Lloyd, Pelé, and Jack Nicklaus

The Spirit of Sport Portfolio was commissioned in 1983 by the Special Olympics Committee to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics Committee chose six athletes to represent the "Spirit of Sport." Award-winning artist Robert Peak then asked these athletes to express their personal feelings on the true meaning of sport and translated each athlete's words into artwork. These are images inspired by the athletes, not portraits of them, or illustrations of their respective sports.

Each of the six prints is accompanied by a special cover sheet that contains an inspirational quote by the athlete and an anecdote by the artist about the creative process for the artwork along with the limited edition documentation.

The quotes from the athletes are:

"Sometimes I think I grew up faster from losing than by winning." -- Chris Evert Lloyd

"Sport is health and life itself. For we come together, share fellowship, and discover how alike we are." -- Pelé

"All of us need victories in life ….even if they're only victories over ourselves." -- Joe DiMaggio

"To love a game - to play it - is the greatest joy of childhood. Only later do we learn it is one of the greatest joys of life." -- Jack Nicklaus

"The greatest thing about sport is the memory of having been there." -- Frank Gifford

"The true spirit of sport is not how tall you stand nor how high you reach. it is how much you give of what you have to give." -- Wilt Chamberlain

Six prints. Six corresponding title sheets. One title sheet for the whole portfolio.


Robert Peak

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine plates in a Very Good+ custom box and lid (tear to the side of the lid, mild wear to the cloth ties, light shelfwear, flat, sound box)
#10 of 300 numbered copies signed by the artist



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36 inches
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