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The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Cats focuses on academically drawing wild and domestic cats using a sound structural approach. The book emphasizes drawing cats by understanding and applying gesture, action, construction, and anatomy. Ample examples of form analysis, and both simplified and complex anatomical diagrams of various cats, are found within the chapters. Learning a fundamental approach to drawing cats is demonstrated with step-by-step examples throughout the book. Other topics of discussion include drawing from life, imagination, and reference. There is also a section on movement to learn the mechanics of how felines move. Never before has there been a book this in-depth dedicated to drawing cats and includes plentiful examples of big, wild, and domestic breeds and types. The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Cats is geared toward all levels of artists from beginning to advanced. Anyone interested in the constructive approach to drawing cats or taking their current cat drawing to the next level will significantly benefit from this book.

From the artist:

I have packed this 176-page book with over 900 drawings and diagrams on how to draw both wild and domestic cats. Good cat drawing needs a solid understanding of feline anatomy and form. Cats are graceful and decorative animals that come in a wide variety of forms and markings and a joy to draw. Still, without knowing the skeletal and muscular system, your cats will look like stuffed animals. I have broken down the anatomy of both large and small cats very thoroughly in this book.

Too often, the domestic cat (and some wild cats) are portrayed with unconstructed fluffiness with a focus on surface beauty. Long-haired cats are fluffy, and it can be challenging to see the structure inside these types, but still, they have anatomical form, and the more one knows about it, the better any surface modeling will appear. Beneath the soft fur and long delicate body is a mass of muscle that is a miniature version of its larger cousins, although it never reaches the same state of development. So if you're looking for a structural approach to drawing cats (that also incorporates elements of rhythm and gesture), look no further.


Joe Weatherly

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