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Long out of print, the English language edition of Cyril Pedrosa's Tres Ombres.

Cyril Pedrosa began his career in animation, working on the Disney films "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Hercules". He co-created the albums Ring Circus, Shaolin Moussaka, and created Les Coeurs Solitaires, Auto-Bio, Portugal, and Equinoxes.

From the publisher:

Can you ever escape your fate?

Three shadows stand outside the house – and Louis and Lise know why the spectral figures are there. The shadows have come for Louis and Lise's son, and nothing anyone can do will stop them. Louis cannot let his son die without trying to prevent it, so the family embarks on a journey to the ends of the earth, fleeing death.

Poignant and suspenseful, Three Shadows is a haunting story of love and grief, told in moving text and sweeping black and white artwork by Cyril Pedrosa.

Winner of Contra Costa Times Best GN of the Year ; Harrisburg Patriot-News Best GN of the Year ; Newsarama Best GN of the Year; Oregonian Best GN of the Year; Publisher's Weekly Comics Week Best Comic of the Year.


Cyril Pedrosa

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