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"Tinkers of Wasteland is like Mad Max and The Goonies jumping around inside your brain and causing nothing but trouble. I love it!"- Skottie Young, two-time Eisner Award winner.

If you have internet access and you haven't read Tinkers of the Wasteland, you're wasting the internet." - Humberto Ramos, penciller of Amazing Spiderman.

The issue contains the last two books of the Tinkers of the Wasteland trilogy.

A collector's edition, only 500 copies were printed.

What makes this edition special is the mutation suffered by books 2 and 3. Result: one aberrant book instead of two 128 page books. All the printer could tell us was that a gang of mutants broke into their shop. For this reason, the author Raul Trevino disclaims all responsibility, since in the Wasteland, anything can happen.

From the back cover:

Meteorites have reduced Earth to rubble. Now, the saga of the Tinkers is fought in an entirely post-apocalyptic world.

The Tinkers are at a crucial point in their adventure. Let's remember: the chickens mutated after ingesting a mysterious black seed, Splitter fell into Milla's trap of using suppositories to learn how to read, there's a crazy, ass-kicking cannibal, an enigmatic map that still needs to be deciphered and Milla has been kidnapped by the Bumblers, a well known band of ruffians who bet on moronic games.

This volume continues the adventure with a dose of action, excitement and humor that surpasses Volume 1 and features even more disparate characters, including the laser-surgery mutant dolls, a one man mariachi band armed with music in his heart and tequila in his kidneys, a polyglot alien with a strange looking ship, a giant robot, and multiple mutant gangs. All of them are tied to the fates of our heroes, the Tinkers, who have one purpose: decipher the surreal secret of the wasteland


Raul Trevino

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Print run of 500 copies. Signed by the artist.



Publishing Information

Monterey, Mexico

Physical Description

9 inches
6 inches
252 pages
black & white
French wraps

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