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An incredible wordless sci-fi graphic novel by a brand new talent Pim Bos.

Mysterious, surrealist, post-apocalyptic, and totally silent, this is a visit to a strange mutant world. There are no explanations, just a wonderful feeling of disorientation.

Prefaced by Philippe Druillet and postfaced by Marc Caro, who offers these clues: "tremen in Breton means passage ... look at his great animated short film Ghozer, an anagram of Herzog ..."

From the publisher:

In a gray, futuristic and apocalyptic world, a strange traveler and his mount wander through a wasteland. Obliged to recharge their energy, however, they cannot stay too long away from civilization. Although other creatures live there, the city is just as inhospitable, empty and dreary. But wherever the traveler passes, things get messed up, machines lose their minds and sow chaos. He must then leave the city and explore the vast gray expanses again, alone.

It is with perfect mastery that this surrealist, post-apocalyptic and silent tale, with breathtaking graphics in line with Moebius' Arzach, transmits a deep impression of loneliness and melancholy through the wandering of his character.


Dans un monde gris, futuriste et apocalyptique, un étrange voyageur et sa monture errent dans des terres désolées. Obligés de se recharger en énergie, ils ne peuvent toutefois pas rester trop longtemps éloignés de la civilisation. Bien que d'autres créatures y vivent, la ville se montre pourtant tout autant inhospitalière, vide et morne. Mais partout où passe le voyageur, les choses se dérèglent, les machines perdent la tête et sèment le chaos. Il lui faut alors quitter la ville et explorer à nouveau les vastes étendues grises, seul.

C'est avec une parfaite maîtrise que ce récit surréaliste, post-apocalyptique et muet, au graphisme époustouflant dans la lignée d'Arzach de Moebius, nous transmet une profonde impression de solitude et de mélancolie à travers l'errance de son personnage.

Pim Bos studied videogame art and currently works as a 3D modeller and concept artist. He says, "At the moment I am finishing work on Tremen II together with Marc Caro (Delicatessen, City of Lost Children) which will hopefully be released later next year. I am a lifelong drawer with a passion for the sci fi artwork from artists like Moebius, Enki Bilal, Serpieri and Don Lawrence to name a few."


Pim Bos

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