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Nicolas De Crecy pays homage to Yokai, a class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore, in watercolor illustrations, accompanied by haikus, in an accordion book format.

From the publisher:

Mixing yokai and haikus, Un monde flottant (A Floating World) is a magnificent homage. The accordion-book format, evoking the emaki (painted scroll) echoes the theme. Coming from the oral tradition of rural Japan, the yokai are hard to describe: monsters, deities, spirits...living evocations of nature, they have survived in the imagination through drawings. Born from the talents of Utagawa Kuniyoshi or Kawanabé Kyòsai during the Edo period, they were revived by the mangaka Shigeru Mizuki, or by Hayao Miyzaki in Spirited Away. This homage to nature is also reflected in another field of Japanese culture: poetry, of which the haiku is the most sober and most direct form. Inspired by woodcuts, the Ukiyo-e, Nicolas de Crécy wanted to reintegrate these creatures into the contemporary world of the city, in this case the fascinating architectures of Tokyo and Kyoto. A tribute to all beauty!


Nicolas De Crecy

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De Crecy

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