Valerian: Les Oiseaux du Maître - Tirage de luxe - Signed & Numbered



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Out of print! A Valerian Artists Edition reproducing the original art for Les Oiseaux du Maître (The Birds of the Master).

From the publisher:

Les Oiseaux du Maître (The Birds of the Master) was the 5th volume of the adventures of Valerian (not yet "Valerian and Laureline," a title imposed on the series in 2007). Published in Pilote in 1973, it was a pivotal album, marking the series' passage into adulthood, both in terms of graphics and narration. With its strongly political theme, resonating with the events of 1968, it unfolds a very dark, even distressing, story far from the typical fare in "young people's" magazines of the day.

Here is the adventure in its original version and in large format! The goal of Editions Caurette's Retour aux Sources (Return to the Source) collection, which Les Oiseaux du Maître inaugurates, is to allow readers to experience the arcane world behind the creation of mythic comic albums.

Thanks to the invaluable help of Jean-Claude Mézières, Pierre Christin, and collectors from all over Europe, we have been able to find nearly 90% of the original art pages, more than 40 years after their creation! The boards were digitized in four-color process on Editions Dargaud's scanners so as to preserve all the details that usually disappear in the printed albums: pencil lines, white-outs,revisions, patches, etc. The boards that we were unable to find are reproduced from the black and white films for the published album, recontextualized on the paper of time.

Frosting on the cake is the piece of "original art" laid into the book. This full size(19.5"x15.75") replica reproduces both sides of an original Valerian page with astonishing fidelity on authentic Bristol board. One sees not only every detail of Meziere's drawings, complete with white-outs and stray pencil lines, but also the Scotch tape stains, printer's instructions, and publisher's stamp.


Jean-Claude Mezieres
Pierre Christin

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Very fine in very fine bo
One of 499 numbered copies signed by both the artist and author



Publishing Information

Editions Caurette

Physical Description

18 inches
13.5 inches
72 pages
cloth spine, pictorial boards