9 Tigres, Tome 1: Xiao Wei



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"9 Tigres is a new series in the “Serie B” collection, and it marks the return of Olivier Vatine as a writer - And a major paean to the artwork of Jian Yi!"

Jian Yi finishes over Vatine layouts. Text in French.

From the publisher:

"One Ø Wan, a young assassin in the pay of the secret society of the 9 Tigers, is currently on the road, off to finish her latest contract, the execution of a venerable 90 year old grandmother.

"At the end of a heroically fought duel between the two women, One Ø Wan gets the upper hand and wins.

"Before she dies, the old woman tells her something that stops One Ø Wan in her tracks: it was she who had ordered her own assassination and hired the top killer of the 9 Tigers - who is none other than her own grand-daughter!

"She asks One Ø Wan for one last favor, and once that is taken care of, her grand-daughter is free to go back to the 9 Tigers … that is, if she still wishes to."


Olivier Vatine & Jian Yi

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Olivier Vatine & Jian Yi

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