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Jake Wyatt is a comic book penciler (Marvel, DC, and Image), works in animation (Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network), and is creative director at Moonbot Studios. He sporadically draws a webcomic Necropolis.

This is a very limited, very thick collection of his drawings and sketches.

The artist's introduction:

This is the second version of my workbook, it includes all the drawings from version_001 with a revised layout and an additional 84 pages of material, including 56 pages of work reproduced in color. I have tried to include a little of everything in this one--comics, storyboards, design sheets, observational drawings; triumphs, failures, finished work, rough sketches; idle doodles and false starts. I've included work here from 2009 all the way up to 2015. This will probably be the last printed collection of my drawings from that period, and hopefully definitive. But this is, of course, only the smallest survey of what I set down during that time. there is work I am not allowed to reproduce--I drew hundreds of pages of comics and created over 1000 illustrations for textbooks, novels, and periodicals during those years, almost none of which I own. There is work not worth reproducing-I filled a sketchbook every month or so for much of that time with mostly unremarkable scribbles. There is work that has slipped through the cracks-some of my better drawings are beyond my ability to reproduce, either lost to time or buried somewhere in the thoughtless piles of paper and pixels I've left in my wake. And there is material that just doesn't fit in; none of my oil studies, pastel drawings, or portrait work seemed to belong alongside the parade of fanart and fantasy that typifies my work to anyone familiar with it. So I stuck to line drawings--mostly pencil, ink, digital, or some desperate combination of the three--for the sake of consistency, but this book, despite its failings, is the best I can do. It has been built using lessons learned from the preceding volume, and out of six years' hard work. Thank you for purchasing this book, for giving these drawings an audience, tor giving me your time. Thank you for helping me lay this work to rest, to move onto new things. Thank you for your support.


Jake Wyatt

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8.2 inches
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200 pages
black & white with 56 pages in color