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This is a translation of Claire Bretecher's comic strip collection/album, Le destin de Monique (1983). Translated from the French by Angela Mason and Pat Fogarty.

From Lambiek.net:

Claire Bretécher (1940 - 2020) was one of the foremost socio-satirical French cartoonists of her generation. Her sharp and subtle observations of the prosperous, urban female of the 1970s and 1980s made her world famous, as her work was also published in most of the other European countries and the USA. Bretécher was a pioneer in many ways. During the 1960s, she was the first female comic artist with a prominent spot in several Franco-Belgian comic magazines. Her humorous series for Record ('Baratine et Molgaga' ), Tintin ('Hector') and Spirou ('Les Gnangnan', 'Les Naufragés') already hinted at the irony and humor of her later work. She was also at the vanguard of a new wave of adult-oriented comics with her contributions to Pilote and as co-founder of the satirical magazine L'Écho des Savanes. Bretécher was furthermore one of the first comic artists who ventured into self-publishing, with much success. But most of all, she was the first satirist who meticulously and subtly captured the behavior and conversations of both the adult and adolescent female in her two signature series 'Les Frustrés' (1973-1981) and 'Agrippine' (1988-2009), all in her trademark loose and sketchy trait.


Claire Bretecher

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