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I discovered this fantastic illustrator/graphic designer and his books at WonderCon 2022.

The creator's description:

ZIM is a 8.5" x 14.5" tall comic book that is 48 pages of silly and bizarre stories about a single family that moves into a strange suburban community in post war America. This comic book was created entirely using traditional non-digital means (brush, pens, and paper) as a way of making it look authentically aged.


ZIM gives you everything you have ever wanted all in one place. ZIM, the world's first ubiquitous mega corporation, makes this all possible with a 1947 state of the art family experiment, the Suburbs. But don't take our word for it. take a gander inside this book to read the adventures of one of our very own households. Follow the Jones family as they experience their new suburban life in the greatest community ever built: Zimburbia, where you will experience "the wonderful world of ZIM!"

Curt Merlo has provided covers and illustrations to publications such as: Wired, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Guardian, The Observer, Scientific American, Ebony, The Nation, The Boston Globe, ProPublica, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, Seattle Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Little White Lies, as well as his monthly contribution to the Indianapolis Monthly "The Beat" Column.

Curt has been publishing books since 2013 under his publishing company Saboteur Press. Curt's work has also appeared on album covers, theater posters, and in movies.


Curt Merlo

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Santa Ana, CA
Saboteur Press

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14.5 inches
8.5 inches
48 pages
black & white
color wraps