54 Intercontinental Cuties - Playing Cards



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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking...

Please buckle your safety restraints and place all trays in their upright position as we take off on the sexiest international jet-set around the world. From the delectable dames of Denmark. to the gorgeous gals of Guatemala. to the luscious ladies of Laos, these 54 beauties are as refreshing as a dip in the arctic ocean and hotter than Mother Earth's magma core. So sit back. relax. and enjoy the finest female specimens on both sides of the equator. We are cleared for departure...destination; sexy time!

Bill Presing and Josh Cooley's pin-up playing cards are available again!

27 cards illustrated by Bill Presing and 27 cards illustrated by Josh Cooley.

Each suit is full of cheeky, sexy ladies to spice up your next card night.

Bill Presing is an internationally known pin-up artist, comic book artist (Rex Steele, Lucky Boy), and a story artist at Pixar (Incredibles 2, Up, Ratatouille). He is currently Story Supervisor on Pixar's Turning Red (2022).

Josh Cooley is an Oscar-winning story artist at Pixar (Inside Out, Up) He directed Toy Story 4 and is currently directing an animated "Transformers" film for Paramount.


Bill Presing, Josh Cooley

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Presing, Josh Cooley

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