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A romantic and unusual story where humor combines with grace, Au-dela des mers (Beyond the Sea) is a novel drawn with freshness and a desire to confuse and amuse. In the wake of Supplement d'Ame (excess of soul), this new album tells of a great human encounter...

Millions of years ago, a couple of fish for the first time come out of the water. Only one of them will survive, screaming the name of his dead companion. In Le Havre, present day, the world has identified the oldest person on earth (a Finnish more than 110 years old), Mr. Seaman gets out of his daily sea bath, protected and guarded by a group of individuals acting as professional spies.

Mr. Seaman is not an ordinary soul. Half man, half fish, he's lived here since time immemorial. And today is his birthday (well, supposedly). Although he's lived a thousand lives, this day will upset Mr. Seaman. A couple and a teenager, named Sonia, come to live next door to him. Quickly the amazing old man and the girl a victim of the vicissitudes of adolescence, will sympathize. It will help him to mature. It will help him grow old. And nothing will be as before.

"They are only a few who know, but in the heart of Le Havre saw the oldest man in the world. There, over 200 million years ago, he came out of the sea after losing the love of his life. The arrival of new neighbors will transform his existence ..."


Alain Kokor

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