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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones: Love & War - Article by Jody Duncan In Attack of the Clones, the promised second prequel to the Star Wars saga, George Lucas once again called upon the artists at Industrial Light & Magic to push the technological envelope in the service of his vision. The result is a film in which nearly every frame bursts with manufactured imagery, captured entirely on high-definition digital video - a first for the motion picture industry. Among the accomplishments were an all-new CG Yoda, visually stunning miniature and digital environments, and thrilling action sequences involving armies of battle droids. Spider-Man: Spin City - Article by Joe Fordham Following in the footsteps of countless comic book tales immortalized by Hollywood, Spider-Man distinguishes itself as one of the most memorable. Director Sam Raimi brought the popular teen crime fighter to life with help from visual effects supervisor John Dykstra and physical effects supervisor John Frazier, whose efforts enabled actor Toby Maguire to perform such superhuman feats as web-slinging and wall crawling. Though live mechanical means were used whenever possible, leaps into a more fantastic realm were accomplished by Sony Pictures Imageworks.


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