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Minority Report
Future Reality
Article by Joe Fordham 

Director Steven Spielberg ventured into the realm of science fiction in Minority Report, a futuristic parable in which the telepathic visions of genetically engineered 'precogs' have made it possible to apprehend murderers before they commit their crimes. Visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic and a host of other vendors, and physical effects by Michael Lantieri lent authenticity to the story, meticulously conveying the technological advances of a society whose efforts to police itself have strayed into questionable moral territory. 

Men in Black 2
Building a Better Pug
Article by Brad Munson 

Back by popular demand after a five-year hiatus, agents Kay and Jay, secret operatives in a covert alien control agency confront a host of new lifeforms in Men in Black 2. Also returning to the fold were director Barry Sonnenfeld and many of the original film's core creative team, including Industrial Light & Magic and Rick Baker's Cinovation Studio. Their contributions, along with those of Sony Pictures Imageworks and Tippett Studio, ensured that the sequel's trademark aliens would be even more outrageous than the first. 

Reign of Fire
Burnt Offerings
Article by Bill Norton 

Flame-spewing dragons awakened from centuries of sleep are imbued with a terrifying reality in Reign of Fire, directed by Rob Bowman. Pushing the envelope on character animation in its design and execution of the dragons was The Secret Lab, responsible for the film's digital and miniature work. Special effects by Dave Gauthier and additional fire effects by Reelistic FX also helped Bowman realize his vision of a charred and smoking post-apocalyptic world overrun by the beasts. 


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