Covenant: The Art of Allen Williams



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Revealing narratives bring forth the essence behind Allen's visually arresting images.

Covenant boasts the first collection of Allen's personal drawings and paintings. Each of his fantastical characters is accompanied by a line of text, a poem or a brief story that captures their essence. These visual narratives are pulled to the surface through Allen's renowned mastery of storytelling and his use of graphite, pencil and oils. The result is a fascinating journey into the mind of this intriguing artist.

Allen's strength comes from his mystical connection to his work. He views himself as a guardian and creates artistic personas that serve the well-being of others. At first sight, his mythological characters may look odd, monstrous or grotesque. Yet they represent the good that can be found when you look below the surface of an individual. Allen has always liked the underside of things. He embraces the bits of mortality that poke out from under the skin. The artwork collected here addresses Allen's need to face the challenges that surround him while projecting himself into the art. He is driven by creating images based on the strength of an individual's actions, regardless of how they may be perceived for not conforming to society's semblance of beauty.


Allen Williams

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