Famous Chunkies Chunky Mikey Limited Edition 8" Resin Figure By Alex Solis



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Alex Solis transforms Chunky Mikey into a Famous Chunkies resin art toy! He maybe slightly chunky but he's still our hero in a half shell.

"Mikey" is the pizza-eating, skateboarding, nunchuks-carrying TMNT.

This is the big 8" Chunky Mikey. It was also made in a 5" version.

Only 90 of the 8" and 200 of the 5" were made.

-Hand painted
-Limited Edition
-Designer Toy
-Polystone Resin
-7.25" Tall

Alex Solis:

While watching a Ninja Turtles cartoon with my daughter, we kept making fun of them and asking how they are so fast and in shape when their diet consists mainly of pizza. I felt like it was sending the wrong message to kids, and I noticed a lot of others cartoons did the same thing. At first I started the project with the intention of just creating that one illustration, but it was too much fun to stop there!

It's a good way to raise awareness about unhealthy eating, especially with young kids. It catches their attention quickly.


Condition & Attributes

Very Fine in a Near Fine box
Limited to 90 copies

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