Flight, Vol. 4



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Comics by animators!

Chris Appelhans, Matthew Armstrong, Neil Babra, Bannister, Chuck BB, Catia Chien, Tony Cliff, Becky Cloonan,
Phil Craven, Matthew Forsythe, Alex Fuentes, Michel Gagne, Rodolphe Guenoden, Steve Hamaker, Paul Harmon,
Ben Hatke, Azad Injejikian, Kazu Kibuishi, Khang Le, Reagan Lodge, Johane Matte, Bill Plympton, Dave Roman,
Israel Sanchez, Rad Sechrist, Kean Soo, Yoko Tanaka and Joey Weiser.

From Booklist:

"The third sumptuously produced Flight anthology showcases some two-dozen talented cartoonists, most of whom usually work in Web comics and animation. Most are young, although as in Flight Volumes 1 (2004) and 2 (2005), a few veterans, notably animator Bill Plympton, appear - and prove even younger at heart. Several have illustrated children's books, others design video games, and the preponderance of their stories have young protagonists (often saving their elders through personal bravery) or feature elements that kids like, such as monsters and anthropomorphized "funny animals." The high quality of the contributions is impressively consistent, yet four deserve special mention: animator Michael Gagne's tale of a heroic young fox who defies a fearsome, subterranean beast; Johane Matte's hilariously kinetic depiction of a cat getting his comeuppance after terrorizing various birds; Israel Sanchez's account of a mischievous baby dragon's "Saturday"; and Phil Craven's saga of a youngster who saves a monster from hunters. That those standouts are all wordless or nearly so underlines the emphasis on the visual that is Flight's most notable strength."


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