Gung Ho, Tome 2.1 (Grand Format)



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42 pages of comics in a beautiful oversize format, plus 20 pages of extras.

From the publisher:

After the success of the Chronicle of the immortals , Benjamin Von Eckartsberg and Thomas Von Kummant return in an unexpected genre. A saga in a post-apocalyptic world, not without fantasy elements, highlighting Von Kummant's virtuoso and spectacular graphics.

Scheduled for 5 volumes of 80 pages in graphic novel format, this series is also available in this large-format "Luxury" edition.

Zack and Archer Goodwoody were sent to Fort Apache because of their non-compliance. Fort Apache, the last stop before the danger zone if they do not get the message ...

If Zack does not wish to become a scapegoat for Holden and his gang, he must deal with them. The tension builds, the situation can derail at any moment. Archer can only delay but not prevent the bloodshed. And he has other worries ... he is accused of theft, which does not help his image with Ms. Kingsten. His wild charm will not protect him this time.

But other problems await the colony. A new master of arms is sent to replace Mr. Williams; Tanaka, an expert in combat, hard as iron, brings not only his knowledge but also his daughter Yuki, and both are bearers of very bad news.


Thomy von Kummant
Benjamin von Eckartsberg

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Limited to 3000 copies


von Kummant
von Eckartsberg

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14.8 inches
11.25 inches
64 pages
pictorial boards

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