Clockwerx 1: Genese



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A steampunk adventure set in 1897 London. It features great victorian mecha designs. This is part one of two and, true to French storytelling style, there is a lot of build up to the first full reveal of the robots. Text in French.

From the publisher: "London nineteenth century. The Clockwerx are robots from a top secret project and derive their energy from meteorite fragments. Molly Vane was an engineer on the Clockwerx project, before discovering that her work should be used for military purposes. She decides to thwart the plans of her former employers. She stole Clockwerx with the help of a band of adventurers and now must recover meteorite fragments buried under the Tower of London. But she is not alone in wanting to appropriate the bits....

"Having cut his teeth in the movies, Jean Baptiste Hostache comes to the world of comics with a strong background and things to show. His inventive machine design and engineering thrust give this world a veneer of reality."


Jean Baptiste Hostache

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Jean Baptiste
Henderson & Tony Salvaggio

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Les Humanoides Associes

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pictorial boards
  • French