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The first artbook of Reoenl, an illustrator who creates overwhelming stories that captivate the audience without words, is finally available in a gorgeous two-volume set!

We were born in a distant world.
Our mother left, and the world died.
A grey flower, but with the scent of our mother began to cover the world.
The world is about to be reborn
So we decided to pick the "hyka", the grey flowers.
(From "hyka" serial 0)

Girls living in a decadent, yet beautiful world.... In the past few years, reoenl has been creating illustrations of characters with various worldviews and backgrounds and has been releasing them through social media and doujinshi (self-published fan magazines). The story "hyka," which was serialized on PIE International's official website, has become a universe that contains all of reoenl's creations. This book is made up of two parts: a booklet summarizing his unique worldview centered on "hyka", and a booklet summarizing various commercial works. It is a must-have complete art collection for fans who want to immerse themselves in the unique and all-consuming world that reoenl creates.

"hyka," which was serialized on PIE International's official website, is available in Japanese only.

Born in 1996, reoenl is an illustrator, character designer, concept artist, and member of FLAT STUDO who draws "(not) Invincible" characters in a world where decadence and light coexist. reoenl is currently active globally providing works for domestic and international IP.



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Very Fine



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Pie International

Physical Description

10.1 inches
7.2 inches
170 pages
color illustrations throughout

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