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A breezy, informative graphic novel/guide for anyone thinking about a career in animation. Equal parts about breaking into the animation industry and moving to/living in L.A. Written with a positive perspective and encouraging attitude.

Natalie is currently a Story Artist at Disney Animation (Ralph Breaks the Internet). She kindly autographed our copies.

From the publisher:

The story of one woman's quest to move to Los Angeles and got a job in animation...and how you can too.

When artist Tally Nourigat left her life in Portland to move to Los Angeles and pursue a job in animation, she realized that despite her research, nothing truly prepared her for the wild world that awaited in the studios of Southern California. From grinding on storyboard test after storyboard test to getting a job at a major studio to searching for an apartment in...the Valley...this autobiographical how-to graphic novel explores the highest highs and lowest lows of pursuing a dream in animation. Brushed with a dose of humor and illustrated advice about salaries, studio culture, and everything in between, I Moved to Los Angeles to Work in Animation is the unique insider experience you won't find anywhere else.

Natalie also shares the perspective and tips from animators Dave Pimentel, Angie Wang, Antoine Ettori, Diana Huh, Drew Green, Kellye Perdue, Megan Nairn, and Sam Spina.


Natalie Nourigat

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Signed by the artist with a drawing



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Los Angeles
Boom! Studios

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9 inches
6 inches
96 pages

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