Le Garage Hermétique - Ultra Deluxe Oversize Edition



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This is the Ultra Deluxe Original FRENCH EDITION of Le Garage Hermétique (The Airtight Garage). This version features:

  • an upgraded binding and variant cover
  • a different cover illustration from the regular edition
  • a 12 x 16-inch color print on extra thick paper stock
  • a custom, illustrated box

The Airtight Garage was serialized in Heavy Metal in its original black & white. When it was collected in one volume by Marvel Comics, it was in color. For most fans, black & white is the preferred format.

This edition is extremely limited and individually numbered from 1 to 300.

This copy is in beautiful condition other than the box lid which was stored in a room with UV flourescent light and is unevenly slightly faded.

The Airtight Garage is "generally regarded as Moebius' masterpiece" according to journalist and critic Chris Mautner, who ranked it first on a list of "essential Moebius works" shortly after the author's death in March 2012. In Mautner's view, "Garage pulsates with life, slowly unwinding its various plot strands, and delighting you in the various ways those strands connect, or fail to." Writer Sean Witzke has called it "the perfect comic" and "the only comic I have ever read that feels alive. It digresses against itself, doubles back, thinks, laughs, pauses, lurches, and eventually gracefully dances. This comic breathes." Matthias Wivel, writing in The Comics Journal in December 2009, stated: "The Garage is a map of creation. It goes beyond world-building to explore the creative act itself. . . . By virtue of Moebius' visual inventiveness and attention to detail, the Garage becomes a journey through [an] inner space . . . traveling at the speed of the reader's discovery." Wivel also noted that "the fantasy world of the Garage accommodated any idea [Moebius] could come up with and any representational style -- from exquisite illustrative rendering to big-foot cartooning."

This French edition is an extremely limited and numbered publication (only 300 copies) that is presented in a super-oversized format (12 x 16 inches) with an original cover, back cover and spine all made exclusively from Moebius's art and typography. The book comes with a deluxe box as well as a removable image in extra thick and heavy paper stock. All aforementioned items are additionally packaged in a stickered corrugated carton (for safe shipping purposes), making the entire package a true one-of-a-kind tribute to the legendary Jean "Moebius" Giraud and what is widely considered his magnum opus. Please note that the text of this book is in its original French language.


Moebius (Jean Giraud)

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine in a Near Fine box and lid (uneven fading to the box lid due to exposure to UV florescent light, faint 4-inch scratch to the front panel, the box is otherwise sharp and clean) in Fine shipping box
#236 of 300 numbered copies


Moebius (Jean Giraud)

Publishing Information

Les Humanoides Associes

Physical Description

16 inches
12 inches
120 pages
black & white
pictorial boards