Meet Jerry: My Life, My Adventure - Signed & Numbered Hardcover



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This "First Edition Limited Edition" hardcover is limited to 200 numbered copies signed by the subject and co-author Jerry Eisenberg and co-author Luca Chiarotti.

A full color art book devoted to animator and character designer Jerry Eisenberg, with special appearances by Hanna-Barbera colleagues Willie Ito and Tony Benedict. Produced by the Florence animation school Nemo Academy.

Eisenberg is best known for his decade and a half at Hanna-Barbera during the hey day of Saturday morning cartoons. This book is profusely illustrated with vintage photos of Jerry and his colleagues at each of the studios he worked, as well as artwork from each studio.

From the back cover:

"This is the story of my adventure, among wonderful memories of friendship, love and pain that have accompanied me.

"A journey that, thanks to my father, brought me through the art of drawing, to meet and work with other artists from the world of cartoons and to create strange and crazy characters that made children from all over the world laugh and have fun.

"This is the story of my life".

The book includes sections and sidebars on:

Harvey Eisenberg
MGM Cartoon Dept.
Warner Bros. Cartoon Studio 1957-1961
Hanna-Barbera Studios 1961-1975 1977 1989-1995
Joe Barbera
Iwao Takamoto
Willie Ito
Tony Benedict
Ruby Spears Studios
Fred Silverman
Chuck Jones
Stan Lee
Marvel Studios
Warner Bros. Cartoons (1997-2005)
Cartoon Network

My Approach to Designing Characters: The Jetsons (1962) Magilla Gorilla (1964) Frankenstein Jr. (1966) Space Kidettes (1966) The Impossibles (1966) Banana Splits (1968) Wacky Races (1968) Wacky Submarines (1969) Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines (1969) Cattanooga Cats (1969) Motormouse and Autocat (1969) Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch! (1971) Precious Pupp (1974) Hong Kong Phooey (1974) Jabberjaw (1976) Skatebirds (1977) Others


Jerry Eisenberg
Jerry Eisenberg, Luca Chiarotti

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine, issued without dustjacket
One of 200 numbered copies signed by Jerry Eisenberg and Luca Chiarotti


Eisenberg, Luca Chiarotti

Publishing Information

Florence, Italy
Nemo Academy/La Citta della Nuvole

Physical Description

8.5 inches
12 inches
320 pages
over 400 color and black & white illustrations
pictorial boards