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The first English language translation of Pascal Jousselin's French albums Imbattable Tomes 1 and 2. A series of comic strip savvy and graphically sophisticated strips.

From the publisher:

Meet Mister Invincible -- he has the amazing power to bend space and time... by breaking the rules of comic books! Panel and page borders can't contain his might! His incredible, creative intellect always shows him the most amazing solutions to seemingly insurmountable dangers! He truly is the ONE AND ONLY TRUE COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO!

He may be an average looking, unassuming guy in wrestling tights and a mask, but he manages to frequently save the day through his amazing - and sometimes unexplainable - ability to bend the laws of space and time... by reaching outside the panels of this comic book to affect things in the surrounding panels! Sure, he helps widows and orphans as any self-respecting hero would, but he also thwarts mad scientists and bad guys with his amazing ability to defy the rules of 'comic book physics'. He and his companions of similarly powered-heroes are able to do amazing things that are only possible thanks to the magic of comics...

A wholly unique and creative twist on conventional comic-book reading experience, this wacky Middle Grade title will put your imagination to the test! Features interactive gatefold spread and die-cut pages that change the reading experience!


Pascal Jousselin

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St. Louis, MO
Magnetic Press / Lion Forge

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11 inches
8.5 inches
96 pages

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