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In 2000, George self-published a two small chapbook collections of drawings & sketches. Eighteen years later, he's back with two new full color collections: Works and Murmurs.

From the artist's Introduction:

I have bookshelves burgeoning under the weight of published sketchbooks of artists I admire. Rembrandt shares shelf space with Toulouse Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Jules Pascin, Eduard Thöny, George Grosz, jack Levine, Feliks Topolski, Hugo Pratt, Barron Storey, Dave McKean, Mike Mignola, James Jean, Nicolas deCrecy, the list goes on and on. I love…these wonderful books. Artists laid bare, their foibles and enthusiasms spilling out in playful, bold and direct ways. I consider it a privilege to look through an artist’s sketchbook…In them we find the artist at their most vulnerable.

For myself it is a place where I can go and not be judged by others or bond by any criteria beyond experimentation and discovery. I car fall bat on my face and crash and burn spectacularly _ and that's alright. It is the place to do that, to try things that I don’t normally do during the course of regular work.

My sketchbooks, for the most part, are repositories for observational drawing…They are totally about the wonder and enjoyment of drawing, recording the things I see that interest and excite me.

From the artist:

A 36-page book of selections from my sketchbooks. I've been scanning my sketchbooks for some time now...This volume includes material from various years in no particular order and I hope acts to test the water for any interest in the larger volume.

The book measures 7.5 x 9.5 inches with heavyweight covers enveloping interior pages of 180 lb. dull-coat Silk paper that truly shows off the work to its best advantage.


George Pratt

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Very Fine
Signed by the artist



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9.5 inches
7.5 inches
36 pages

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