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"A collection of R. Kenton Nelson's paintings titled Rhyme and Reason, Prose and Cons.

"It consists of two 10" x 10" hardcover, 80-page books in a black cloth-covered, foil embossed, custom slip case.

In Rhyme and Reason" the paintings are juxtaposed with text from traditional nursery rhymes; and in "Prose and Cons" with excerpts from an interesting range of literature and lyrics from standard songs."

Two hardcover volumes in slipcase.

Full-color reproductions of R. Kenton Nelson's paintings.

With introductions by Dean Koontz and Helen Tye Talkin.

"The world which R. Kenton Nelson creates in his paintings is at once innocent and sophisticated, nostalgic and modern, anonymous and intimate.

A world of saturated colors, controlled emotions, hinted at rather than expressed."

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R. Kenton Nelson

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VF in a VF slipcase


R. Kenton

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Pasadena Museum of California Art

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cloth spine, pictorial boards