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The second of three volumes collecting layouts and key animation drawings (and cel set-ups) for Otomo's seminal animated feature film Akira.

Text in Japanese.

This book is the second volume of a three-volume compilation of the enormous amount of layouts, original drawings, and revisions used in the production of the film version of "AKIRA" that were drawn by the original author and director Katsuhiro Otomo himself.

A layout is a blueprint for creating an animated film, in which the necessary information is drawn for each of the scenes that make up the full-length animation. In addition to the original drawings and layouts of "Part B (continuation from the previous volume) and the beginning of Part C" of the four parts A, B, C, and D that make up the entire film, this volume also includes valuable reproduction celluloid drawings of many famous scenes that were created based on these drawings.

One of the reasons why this work has rewritten the history of animation films and continues to fascinate the world to this day is the "amazing motion." Following the two previously published "Animation AKIRA Storyboards" books, this volume reveals in detail the production process of this still cutting-edge expression.

The film version of "AKIRA" was created through a thorough process in which the "layout," which depicts the backgrounds and character movements for each cut based on the art settings, was directed and revised by the animation director, art director, and even director Otomo himself. The sheer quality of the uncompromising screen production can be experienced by simply flipping through the pages, one by one, and from the scenes that move sequentially one by one.

Almost the entire book is printed in color and contains numerous reproductions of celluloid pictures, for a total of 650 pages, making it a book of unparalleled construction.


Katsuhiro Otomo

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