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Inscribed by Harvey Pekar and his wife. Inscribed by Joyce Brabner on the title page: "Joyce Brabner / Hello Joe!" Inscribed by Harvey Pekar on the first chapter page: "To Joe, Harvey Pekar"

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From the publisher:

It was they year of Desert Storm that Harvey Pekar and his wife, Joyce Brabner, discovered Harvey had cancer. Pekar, a man who has made a profession of chronicling the Kafkaesque absurdities of an ordinary life (if any life is ordinary) suddenly found himself incapacitated. But he had a better-than-average chance to beat cancer and he took it -- kicking, screaming, and complaining all the way. Pekar and Brabner draw on this and other trials to paint a portrait of a man beset with fears real and imagined -- who survives.

Our Cancer Year, Pekar and Brabner's first book-length comic, is the most human of stories. It is a true and unflinching account of two people battling cancer. But it is also a record of what happened to seven teenagers - young activists from Cambodia and the Middle East, friends of Joyce's - and two difficult adults, as Operation Desert Shield turned into Operation Desert Storm.


Frank Stack
Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner

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Very light dent along the top edge of the cover, otherwise Very Fine
Inscribed by Joyce Brabner on the title pag


Pekar, Joyce Brabner

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Philadelphia, PA
Four Walls Eight Windows

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10 inches
8 inches
252 pages
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