Salvador Tuset Tuset (1883-1951)



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Catalog of the exhibition "Salvador Tuset Tuset (1883-1951)" organized by the Generalitat Valenciana and held in Valencia from December 2006 to February 2007 and in Alicante from February to April 2007. Text in Valencian and Spanish. Over 200 full color illustrations. Includes one CD and one DVD with additional materials.

"Tuset chose as a theme interiors, recreating in closed rooms, the rooms and spacious rooms bathed in a calm light. All this captured with a delicate naturalness, to which any detail, a statue, furnishings and fabrics, should give an impression of elegance, quality and balance. The peaceful silence of a summer afternoon was appreciated in which a figure of a woman dressed in plain clothes stood out as the only protagonist who sewed or read. It recreated a homey, secluded atmosphere of family intimacy, entirely visual, without details or minutiae, in which the atmosphere bathed in clarity and the effects of light caused by a half-open window stood out. He also stood out as a portraitist in the manner of Benedito and as a singular still-life artist for his careful drawing and polished technique."


Salvador Tuset Tuset

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Tuset Tuset

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